Monday, 19 April 2010

World food: Berlin.

In June of 2009 my boyfriend Jai and I decided to visit Berlin in Germany.

We ended up going for a week and it was well worth it. I've never done so much walking in my entire life as we just walked all over the city seeing various sites and we ended up going on a number of different walking tours which were also well worth the money.

The food overall was quite nice. I am sure if we had have searched around more we could have found some really amazing places to eat at but alot of the time we just stopped at the first food place that had an english menu.

I thought the food would be very rich, heart and big and I guess it kind of was in a way. I would have liked to have tried some more traditonal dishes but I went with one goal and that was to eat a potato kartoffelpuffer in Germany, and Jai's was to find a plate sized giant schnitzel. While I happily ate my kartoffelpuffer, Jai did FIND a giant schnitzel but it was unfortunate we both got colds and never ended up going back to the restaurant to try the schnitzel.

"Roast pork with crackling, coleslaw with bacon and potato dumplings"

This dish sounded absolutely lovely, but unfortunately it was not so much to my taste!

The only thing I really liked was the pork. The potato dumplings felt like it was full of gelatine or something like that? I couldnt taste potato in it & could barely cut through it with my knife, and the coleslaw was of course (how did I not realise) sourcraut!

Jai was on the search for a huge schnitzel which unfortunatly we found... but got sick & never ended up going back to the particular restaurant to try it. Anyway, this wasnt the place, the schnitzel was not plate sized. He had potatoes and cucumber salad to go with it.

Another night after we visited Sachenhausen Concentration camp for the day we went to go find some dinner. We found a nice little cafe style resturant with lots of wooden chairs and seats outside so we thought it'd be nice to sit outside. I got a 'pizza' with parma ham, rocket and cheese.

I felt awfully picky but unfortunately this was the second night in a row that I didn't like my meal. Unfortunately I'm a believer in big greasy cheesey pizza and this was not one of them..

Jai's schnitzel with cooked crispy potatos and salad which he said tasted really nice.

On one of the many city walking tours we did. Our tour guide highly reccomended that we visit Fassbender and Rausch Chocolatiers. And it definitely lived up to its expectations! The window displays were amazing and my pictures really don't do it justice but they had made entire sculptures out of chocolates and wafers and such like the one above, and the titanic below.

All the lovely fruit they had.

Then the fruit dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate.

And this is all the lovely truffles and chocolates they had.
We bought two white chocolate orange truffles which were absolutely the best truffles I've ever tasted, and also some mango and orange fruit pieces dipped in chocolate.
This is where we found the giant schnitzel. It was 800g but unfortunatly we both got a cold and never ended up going back a second time to try it out.
Where we sat outside the resturant. It was quite a nice warm day so it was really lovely sitting out in the sun.
We decided to order the XXL currywurst. Not actually thinking it would be THIS huge! It sure wasn't anything like I've ever eaten before but it was absolutely delicious!
Jai managed to polish all his meal off, but I could not for the life of me finish that XXL currywurst, but I did get about three quarters through it which I think is a very good effort!
I fell in love with these chips in Berlin!
I finally got my kartoffelpuffer from the Kartoffelhaus N° 1! For all those who don't know, it is basically just a German potato pancake but it is devine. I would've rathered it plain but it came with soured cream and caviar. I tried the caviar but it was just abit too salty for my taste to have with this dish.
The service here was really, really slow, considering we were the only two in the restaurant and we only ordered this dish. But I guess it was all worth it considering how bad I wanted to have a kartoffelpuffer in Germany.


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