Saturday, 1 September 2012

Homemade Fathers Day Pita Pizza to take away!

I can sometimes struggle with finding gifts for my Dad when Fathers Day/ Birthday/ Christmas comes around. Especially this year as he has told me not to spend any money on him.
He has said this a few times but I never usually listen & then he tells me off when I buy him something, especially when he says he can 'do without' the present I bought him.

So, I had to put my thinking cap on. I was and always will spend some money on my Dad but I thought I could be different this year & give him something that he will actually use (or in this case consume!)
If there's one thing that pops in my mind when I think of my Dad (apart from being a great, awesome & loving Dad) it is PIZZA!
My Dad is really healthy and works out in his home gym every day I would say. He pretty much eats steamed fish & vegetables every single night and is in his 60's and fitter than me which really says something, BUT he does love his pizza.

I figured I would make a bunch of mini pizzas on pita bread and wrap them up so he could freeze them, take them out as he pleases and re heat them for dinner if he feels like ditching the fish & veggies for dinner one night!
I made four flavours, 'Super Dad' Supreme, Spicy Mexicana, BBQ Meat Lovers and American Pepperoni.

You can make what ever flavours you like, just see what you have in the fridge or what ever takes your fancy!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fluffy American Pancakes served with a Blue Heaven Milkshake.

Today was the second Saturday morning that Jai & I wanted to make a sweet tooth's dream breakfast.
We decided on making pancakes, but not the easy, boring one cup of flour, one cup of milk and one egg type ones. We wanted to try make those fluffy American pancakes you get at restaurants but never seem to be able to nail at home.

We looked up 'fluffy American pancakes' and decided to go with the trusty BBC recipe. We gathered the ingredients and started cooking up the pancakes, while blending up the ingredients for our Blue Heaven Milkshake.
I wanted the second milkshake that I'd make in my new blender from Jai to be the iconic Aussie 'Blue Heaven' Milkshake ever since I found out they sell the Blue Heaven topping at the supermarkets in Australia now.

The Blue Heaven Milkshake has always fascinated me as it was my favorite flavour milkshake and thickshake as a kid. And as usual whenever someone from overseas would ask what it tasted like my response was always 'blue' and to be honest it still is!
A little research suggests that the closest flavour to Blue Heaven is Vanilla Raspberry, but it is so sweet, syrupy and artificial tasting that it's hard to believe there is any fruit flavour in it at all.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Delicious Banana Malt Smoothie.

I have been incredibly slack at posting lately! I guess this would have mostly to do with the fact I have not actually been baking or cooking anything worth while posting.
I have a slight bit of motivation back ever since my Sister introduced me to Pinterest!
So if you would like to follow me or take a look at the inspiration I have been getting you can see my profile HERE!

Anyway, for the past few months I have been obsessed with milkshakes/ smoothies and sandwiches. A weird combo I know. And despite my obsession I have not really made either (partly due to not owning a blender). I've just been looking at photos on Pinterest and the Internet.
So when my Birthday came along earlier this month and my awesome boyfriend surprised me with a blender I was over the moon!

We finally, finally decided to make a Banana Malt Smoothie yesterday & served it with some delicious waffles for a sweet tooth's dream breakfast, so here it is :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Jamie Oliver's Chicken Fajitas.

If there's one thing I can't resist that is Mexican food. I don't know how different 'our' Mexican food is to true authentic type Mexican food, but you really can't go past a good taco, burrito or fajita in my opinion!
I seem to have a love affair with all foods spicy and hot as well so naturally I always 'accidentally' pour in a little too much chilli when cooking such foods.

Jai and I originally cooked this dish in our little flat in Liverpool, UK as we were working our way through Jamie Olivers Recipes in the Ministry of Food book that my lovely Sister bought us as a moving house/ county present.
We liked it so much that we've used this recipe every single time we've wanted to cook fajitas since.

I hope you enjoy just as much as we do :)

Semmelklöße (German Bread Dumplings).

So last year my boyfriend Jai and I decided to make a list of things we wanted to do, no matter how small or big they were, we put them on the list. So right under Jai's wish of wanting to go on an overseas holiday, he also had 'Make German Bread Dumplings'.
I'd never heard of them before but I guess they appealed to him as we have indeed traveled to Germany as well as many other European countries.

He sent me a link to a recipe which you can find HERE and they looked pretty interesting, so I decided the next time we were together cooking, that we would make them seeing as though I had all the ingredients already in the pantry.

I wanted to do a little bit of research as I always do, so I found out that these German Bread Dumplings are also known as 'Semmelklöße' and are in fact from Bavaria. You can serve them with just about anything, whether it be a traditional stew or soup, or even served with a pork chop and apple sauce.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Update :)

So I've been totally slack at looking at everyone's delicious posts and making posts of my own, for a good few months now!
I haven't had quite as much spare time on my hands since moving house and getting a new job to post everything I've been cooking.
Despite the lack of time, I've been making more of an effort than ever before to have home cooked meals at least 5 times a week. Having said that I do have a frozen meal in the oven right now.... I'll forgive myself though as it is currently bucketing down rain here in Melbourne and I don't feel like popping down to the shops!
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