Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fluffy American Pancakes served with a Blue Heaven Milkshake.

Today was the second Saturday morning that Jai & I wanted to make a sweet tooth's dream breakfast.
We decided on making pancakes, but not the easy, boring one cup of flour, one cup of milk and one egg type ones. We wanted to try make those fluffy American pancakes you get at restaurants but never seem to be able to nail at home.

We looked up 'fluffy American pancakes' and decided to go with the trusty BBC recipe. We gathered the ingredients and started cooking up the pancakes, while blending up the ingredients for our Blue Heaven Milkshake.
I wanted the second milkshake that I'd make in my new blender from Jai to be the iconic Aussie 'Blue Heaven' Milkshake ever since I found out they sell the Blue Heaven topping at the supermarkets in Australia now.

The Blue Heaven Milkshake has always fascinated me as it was my favorite flavour milkshake and thickshake as a kid. And as usual whenever someone from overseas would ask what it tasted like my response was always 'blue' and to be honest it still is!
A little research suggests that the closest flavour to Blue Heaven is Vanilla Raspberry, but it is so sweet, syrupy and artificial tasting that it's hard to believe there is any fruit flavour in it at all.

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