Monday, 11 July 2011

Meat .... and lots of it!

First of all I have not updated for AGES! Actually, I have not even updated since I moved back to Australia from England.
I don't know why I haven't updated, but today I finally got the motivation to write a new post because I got something wonderful and glorious in the mail today and as the title says, it involves meat and lots of it!
I have wanted it ever since the lovely BF took me to Paris earlier this year when we were still living in the UK. We were wandering around the beautiful streets of Paris & in one of the many old book shops, I found a book all about meat. I flicked through it and saw a recipe for 'Lamburgers' and for 5 euros thought it was a bargain.
Admittedly I was quite flustered from walking hours on end around the gorgeous city and like the difficult child I am when I get flustered, refused this amazing book when my lovely boyfriend offered to get it for me.
I had all afternoon and night to think about this book and by the next morning I desperately wanted it again, so off we trudged to go get it.
We got there and the shop was closed for the next two days and we were flying back to the UK the day before it would open back up again.

Anyway, I've always known how much my boyfriend loves me, but for him to put up with my tantrum about being flustered the first day we found it, catch the metro 25 minutes the next day to go and get it again, comfort me when I was sulking about the book store being closed, then search the internet when we got home to find this mysterious 'meatbook' which I had somehow forgot the full name of, find it on Ebay in America, then pay quadriple the original amount we saw the book for in Paris.... Now that is what I call love and tolerance and the whole ordeal has made me appreciate and love the book even more (And him of course!!).
So if you are reading this my lovely BF, Thank you so much for your love and for my beloved meat book!

Enough stories now. I will reveal my Family Circle, Meat Cookbook from 1954!

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