Sunday, 25 April 2010

Food Review: Mandarin Oriental.

For my 18th birthday in July 2009 my sister had gone above and beyond to make it a special time for me! On Saturday she handed me an invitation she had made up to invite me to a fancy afternoon tea at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in The Park Terrace.
We caught the train into the city & went and checked out Harrods department store. I cant even explain how it looks, it was just really fancy with all types of food in the food court, from sushi trains where they cooked the food in front of you, to home made uncooked pasta and every lolly or chocolate you can think of.

After that we went to the Mandarin Oriental where they greated us & we sat down to a glass of sparkling wine. After that we got our pots of english tea, and our sandwhiches and cakes.

There were five different types of sandwhiches. We had chicken & sweetcorn, crabmeat, tuna, salmon & soured cream with cucumber. We had lots of different types of cakes aswell. We got our scones half way through as the cakes were getting a little rich & we really wanted to try the scones. We had them with butter, strawberry jam & rose petal jam which was suprsingly so amazing!

"Always a destination for Festive Afternoon Tea for those in the know, tea at The Park remains a ‘must-do’ with the arrival of Head Pastry Chef, Graham Hornigold, voted ‘Pastry Chef of the Year’ by the Craft Guild of Chefs – the Oscars of the world of cakes and pastries."

This was the best desert! We got this with our sparkling wine, before the sandwhiches and cakes. It was layered with vanilla cream, white truffle mix and berries.

My lovely sister, Melissa.

These were the best sandwhiches I have ever had! I didnt have the salmon or crabmeat though. My favorite was the tuna so when they offered a refill for free I didn't hesitate! I got 4 more tuna ones.

The cake in the front was just a sponge cake with cream in it, the cake on the left looks pretty self explanitory.. It was just a chocolate roll cake with cream, then the cupcake on the side. We couldn't finish these ones as they were so rich!

The one on the right was a crème brulée, the one on the left was a chocolate orange profiterole, the one in the front was a rich dark chocolate cake & the cake at the back was kind of like a key lime pie slice..

We each got a bag of complimentary macarons on the way out.

The cupcakes we bought from Harrods food hall. Vanilla cupcake with pink buttercream icing, carrot cake cupcake, oreo cupcake and chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing.
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