Saturday, 17 April 2010

Food Review: Time Out.

Time Out Cafe.
Corner Swanston St and Flinders St,
Federation Square.
Book on: +61 3 9671 3855
Phone: +61 3 9671 3866

Time Out will always be mine and Jai's restaurant in Melbourne. It's a place we've enjoyed going back to again and again, simply because the food is simple yet tasty, and we have fond memories of our very first dinner out together.

I still remember everything about that night. I ordered a pizza and was mortified to see it was covered in lots of chopped up fresh herbs and Jai ordered the chicken parmagiana.
Anyway, so we went back there quite a few times after that night over the next couple years and reminisced about our first night out there and looked back on how far we had come since then!

The photos from this post was the last time we went back which was for our two year anniversary!
Jai ordered a pizza with leg ham, bacon, cheese and pineapple. And I ordered one with olives, tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, garlic and oregano.
We got a couple drinks, one of which was my Super Lucky Lady cocktail which is definitely in the top three cocktails i've ever tasted. It was tangy but so refreshing at the same time.
On the menu it is described as "All things tropical in a fortunate combination of 42 Below passionfruit vodka, passionfruit pulp & lime, alongside pineapple juice."

The waiters and waitresses have always been really pleasant to us there and we always got our food relatively quickly, although time does fly when you're having fun so I didn't actually keep track of how long it took!


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