Thursday, 8 April 2010

Food Review: Cold Rock Ice Creamery.

Various locations across Australia.

After my sisters wedding in Hamilton Island, my boyfriend & I headed down to the Gold Coast for a short holiday.
One afternoon wandering through the streets we found Cold Rock Icecream! I'd heard about it & so wanted to try it.
As they say you basically 'Choose it, Mix it, Smash it, Try it' which means you get to choose out of many flavours of ice cream, choose what you want to mix in with it, then they smash it all up for you & pop it in a little cup.

Jai was really good and picked the mango sorbet mixed with fresh raspberrys. Where as I..... went all out. I thought seeing as though im here i'll pick the richest, sickliest thing I could pick!
So I picked cookies & cream mixed with cookie dough, malteasers, oreos and chocolate fudge!
It was so rich, but so, so, SO good! One little pot set me back almost AU $11. It was about $1 for every little 'mixer' that you added to your icecream.

Just a select few of the Ice Cream flavours you can choose from:
•Cookies & Cream
•Passion Fruit
•Rum & Raisin
•White Cookies &Cream
•Aussie Vanilla
•Caramel Mudcake
•White Chocolate

And some of the mixers:

•Caramel Fudge
•Cookie Dough
•Crushed Nuts
•Milo Bar

•Caramello Koalas
•Chocolate Fudge
•Gummi Bears
•Mint Slice
•Rocky Road
•Tim Tams
•Violet Crumble


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