Monday, 9 August 2010

Switzerland: St. Gallen & Luzern.

After Zurich, our second stop was St. Gallen where we had an amazing dinner on the night we got in. We got in to our hotel quite late and had a look around in the small hotel restaurant. We weren't expecting much as the tiny restaurant was completely empty. We got our menu's and Jai decided to get the veal schnitzel with chips and I got a herby chicken breast with chips in an amazing mushroom type sauce.
Both meals also came with a small bowl of cooked carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.

We headed to bed and anxiously awaited our breakfast in the morning. If theres one meal of the day we've never been completely satisfied with when we go on holidays its breakfast. We usually go without after walking around the city for half an hour trying to find something to eat, or if the hotel comes with breakfast we usually end up with a bowl of cereal or some fruit which is fine.

Jai decided to get a local beer.

Veal schnitzel with chips.

Breakfast is always a suprise as we never know what to expect and this was definitely a suprise. We were starving so were hoping we would get more than coffee. She started by bringing us a pot of tea and a croissant each. When we had finished she asked if we would like some 'meat'. Not quite knowing what she meant by this we said yes as we were still hungry so she came out with a big plate of salami and ham and some sliced bread which was lovely.

Luzern was our favorite city that we visited in Switzerland. It just had the most beautiful atmosphere and the city was stunning. After we put our bags away at the hotel, we decided to go for a stroll around the town and we were so glad we did as they had an amazing marching band parading around the town due to the upcoming carnival. After watching the band for 20 or so minutes we found a nice little restaurant called Martini Stube.

Jai ordered the Breaded pork escalope with French fried potatoes & I got the chicken breast pieces with mushrooms and hashbrown potatoes. The 'hashbrown potatoes' is what I was hanging out for as they are actually called Rösti in Switzerland and are a speciality. And it definitely lived up to its expectations!

I guess it was inevitable that macaron obsessed me what soon have a fascination with Luxemburgerli too. We found a shop called Bachman selling them so decided to try them too.

The macarons in Bachman. The flavours they have there are chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, praline, vanilla, apricot, plum and cinnamon, champagne, caramel brule, blood orange, lemon, chocolate mango & mandarin.

The store entrance.

They were not as well packed as the Luxemburgerli at Sprugli so they got a bit battered when we were travelling, but they were lovely all the same. Not quite as nice as Sprugli, but still lived up to their expectations.

Jai got raspberry, caramel brule, plum & cinnamon (which he thought wasn't nice at all) and blood orange. I got raspberry, caramel brule, vanilla and chocolate.
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