Monday, 14 June 2010

Meeting The Hairy Bikers!

On the 21st of January I was lucky enough to meet The Hairy Bikers at Waterstones in Liverpool. I was absolutley so excited that I turned up an hour or two early and there was no line. So off I went to do some shopping with Jai, came back later & the line was all the way up the street!
So I ended up waiting for an hour in the line outside until I finally got inside to meet them. The Hairy Bikers were so lovely, as were all the Waterstones staff who happily took a photo of them & I for me on my camera.
I got them to sign a book for me and also for my sister of their newest book 'Mums Know Best'.
We had a little chat & I told them how much I love their show and Si asked where I was from & seemed quite interested in Melbourne.
I asked if they would ever do a show around Australia and they said they would love to, if only the BBC would fund it.
Si was really nice and said how great Australian food is, especially all the food places in Melbourne which was nice as I told them I didn't really think there were many great Australian foods 'except lamingtons and pavlova!'.

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